Logo and declaration for operations outside Switzerland

Logo and declaration for BIOSUISSE ORGANIC operations (operations outside Switzerland certified in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards) and for products produced by them for export to Switzerland: “BIOSUISSE ORGANIC”.

The designation “BIOSUISSE ORGANIC” may be used as follows:

BIOSUISSE ORGANIC operations may present themselves using the “BIOSUISSE ORGANIC” logo in corporate communications with external parties. The logo may only be used if the operation is in possession of a valid Bio Suisse certificate. The certificate is always required if an operation is claiming to have certified status.

BIOSUISSE ORGANIC products intended for export to Switzerland must be labelled as “BIOSUISSE ORGANIC” or marked with the “BIOSUISSE ORGANIC” logo on containers, delivery notes, invoices etc. Containers for export must be labelled with the logo. Templates are available in the sidebar.

The Bud logo and designations such as “Bud operation” and “Bio Suisse operation” may not be used outside Switzerland.

Exceptions for products in final packaging

If final packaging for a product takes place outside Switzerland and the Bud logo is placed on the packaging, this must be carried out on behalf of a Bio Suisse contracting partner (Swiss Bud producer or Bio Suisse licensee). In case of doubt, Bio Suisse reserves the right to see the relevant written contract.

In-conversion products
All products certified as in conversion according to the Bio Suisse Standards must be clearly labelled as “in-conversion products”.

Labelling in Switzerland and when exporting from Switzerland: Bud

If the conditions set out in the principles and objectives (Part V, Chapter 1 of the Standards) have been met and if the supply chain can be traced back through all stages to a BIOSUISSE ORGANIC operation, the licensee will receive a Bud stamp of approval for each imported BIOSUISSE ORGANIC batch. This entitles the licensee to market the product using the Bud label. The recording and clearance of supply chains takes place via the Bio Suisse Supply Chain Monitor (SCM).

The “BIOSUISSE ORGANIC” designation and logo may not be used in Switzerland on retail trade packaging or when exporting products out of Switzerland. The same applies to all packaging, labels and containers as well as for delivery notes and invoices.

In accordance with Bio Suisse Standards, the use of the collective trademark “Bud” and figurative logo trademark (Bud figurative trademark) is reserved for contracting partners (Swiss Bud producers and licensees) (cf. Part I, Chapter 3.1 of the Bio Suisse Standards).

For non-contracting partners (e.g. operations outside Switzerland that have been certified in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards), certification under Bio Suisse Standards does not entitle the partner to label products with the “Bud” trademark.

Even the stand-alone use of and reference to the “Bio Suisse” name on delivery notes and invoices may lead to misunderstandings. This is because, within Switzerland, the designation “Bio Suisse” is used in connection with Bud products to mark products of Swiss origin (cf. Part III, Chapter of the Bio Suisse Standards).