Inspection and certification of operations outside Switzerland

For an operation outside Switzerland to receive certification in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards (BIOSUISSE ORGANIC operations), it must already be in possession of a valid certification under EU Regulation 2018/848 or equivalent and must also comply with Bio Suisse Standards.

Starting point

In order for a product to be awarded the Bud label, the entire supply chain must be certified in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards..

Overview of the necessary certification by type of company, Appendix to Part V, Article 3.1.6

Application for certification

The application to be certified as a BIOSUISSE ORGANIC operation is usually carried out by a Swiss importer who is a Bio Suisse licensee. This is the ideal basis for enabling a BIOSUISSE ORGANIC operation product to be marketed within Switzerland under the Bud label.

Responsible entities

  • For Bio Suisse inspections of operations outside Switzerland: Organic inspection body for the operation
  • Certification in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards for operations outside Switzerland: Swiss certification bodies

Swiss certification bodies

ICB AG (International Certification Bio Suisse AG)

  • Bio Suisse subsidiary
  • Certification of operations outside Switzerland in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards
  • ICB AG works in collaboration with regional and international inspection bodies. List of inspection bodies
  • Comprehensive Bio Suisse Standards certification documentation for operations: Forms


bio.inspecta AG

  • Inspection and certification of operations outside Switzerland
  • bio.inspecta only certifies operations which it has inspected itself or which have been inspected by a (Bio Suisse) approved and subcontracted inspection body:
    • bio.inspecta Ltd., Turkey
    • Austria Bio Garantie GmbH, Austria
    • bio.inspecta shpk, Albania/Kosovo
    • Bio Garancia Kft., Hungary
    • Biosun, Iran
    • S.C. Ecoinspect S.R.L., Romania