Social responsibility

Certified operations across the approximately 70 Bio Suisse cultivation countries not only have to fulfil requirements relating to organic production. They are also obliged to fulfil their social responsibility towards staff so as to ensure their well-being.

An integral part of the Bio Suisse Standards relates to fulfilling social responsibility. These requirements are based around the internationally recognised labour standards set out by the ILO (International Labour Organisation), a specialised agency of the United Nations. In addition to ensuring fundamental labour rights such as free choice of employment, equal treatment and freedom of assembly and association, this duty also makes mandatory regulated employment relationships, the payment of minimum wages, compliance with maximum working time regulations and the provision of social benefits.

As of 2023, social requirement reviews are gradually being directly integrated within annual Bio Suisse inspections. This involves specifically training local organic inspectors on aspects relating to labour law and social responsibility. When it comes to this field, Bio Suisse is working closely with the German organic association Naturland.

In countries and regions where social requirements are not yet directly reviewed as part of the Bio Suisse inspection, this review – depending on the risk category – will be carried out either by drawing on external social standards or by means of a self-declaration issued by the operation itself.