Supply Chain Monitor

In March 2017, Bio Suisse introduced an electronic goods flow system called ‘Bio Suisse Supply Chain Monitor’ (SCM). All products delivered to Switzerland to be sold under the Bio Suisse ‘Bud’ trademark, must be declared through the SCM and confirmed by Bio Suisse.

  • In the SCM, the financial flow of goods from the producer of the raw material to the Swiss importer must be recorded.
  • The registration of the import in the SCM takes place as soon as the goods are cleared by the importer in Switzerland (physical import).
  • The SCM transactions must be sent to Bio Suisse within 6 weeks after the import to Switzerland.
  • Bio Suisse processes your transactions within 5 working days.

Good to know

TRACES is the goods flow system for the import of biological products, which was introduced in 2017 in the EU and in 2018 in Switzerland. Deliveries from outside the EU are declared in TRACES, i.e. deliveries from outside the EU must be declared in both TRACES and SCM (user manual). To confirm SCM transactions from countries that are relevant to TRACES, a signed certificate of inspection must be available for the goods concerned. Find out more about TRACES here.

An individual import authorisation is required for various products whose supply can be largely covered by Swiss production. In order for the system to function and for Bio Suisse's product management to have sufficient time for market clarification, the application for individual import authorisation must be submitted as early as possible. No subsequent individual import licences will be issued. If the import of products requiring an individual import authorisation is performed without the above-mentioned authorisation Bio Suisse can impose a sanction.

Application form in German (Einzelimportbewilligung)