Import with Bio Suisse

As the umbrella organisation for Swiss Bud operations, the core mission of Bio Suisse is to support and promote Swiss Bud producers and products. Bio Suisse does, however, permit the import of foodstuffs which can either not be produced in Switzerland or not be produced in sufficient quantity.

Switzerland only produces around 50% of its food and feeds domestically. If food products are imported, then Bio Suisse states that these must have been produced in a sustainable manner.

This means that imported Bud products must be produced, processed and traded in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards. All operations within the supply chain must be certified according to Bio Suisse Standards and the flow of goods must be traceable back to the original producer without any gaps.

Standards and instructions

Bio Suisse Standards differ from minimum state regulations (e.g. EU regulations) with regard to some key areas. Particularly important in this respect are standards relating to the whole-farm approach, the creation of areas that support biodiversity and the strict limits on the amount of fertiliser and copper used.

Summary of the Bio Suisse Standards: see downloads

Responsible entity: Bio Suisse – Label Commission International (LCI)

Standards and instructions (implementing Bio Suisse Standards abroad)

Swiss importers

BIOSUISSE ORGANIC goods may only be imported into Switzerland through importers who have signed a valid licence contract with Bio Suisse. Usually, importers will apply for their potential suppliers to obtain Bio Suisse certification so that products can be marketed in Switzerland as Bio Suisse products.

Inspection and certification of operations outside Switzerland

For an operation outside Switzerland to receive certification, it must already be in possession of a valid certification under EU Regulation 2018/848 or equivalent and must also comply with Bio Suisse Standards.

Responsible entities

  • For Bio Suisse inspections of operations abroad: The organic inspection body for the operation outside Switzerland
  • For certification in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards for operations abroad: Swiss certification bodies

Swiss certification bodies

ICB AG (International Certification Bio Suisse AG)
Bio Suisse subsidiary

  • Certification in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards for operations abroad
  • Collaboration with inspection bodies outside Switzerland: List of inspection bodies

bio.inspecta AG

  • Inspection and certification of operations abroad
  • bio.inspecta Ltd., Turkey
  • Austria Bio Garantie GmbH, Austria
  • bio.inspecta shpk, Albania / Kosovo
  • Bio Garancia Kft., Hungary
  • Biosun, Iran
  • S.C. Ecoinspect S.R.L., Romania