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The Bio Suisse Standards differ from minimum governmental regulations in several important respects, e. g. those of the EU (see the information note Summary of the Bio Suisse Standards for producers outside of Switzerland)

Especially noteworthy are: The whole-farm approach, the establishment of areas dedicated to the enhancement of biodiversity, and rigorous limits on the intensity of fertilization and on the use of copper.

Requirements for swiss importers

As an importer of organic products to be marketed with the "Bud" you must hold a valid licence contract with Bio Suisse and the import licence for the corresponding products. Also the suppliers must be certified according to Bio Suisse Standards (throughout all levels of trade from cultivation to export). Furthermore, the provisions of the Swiss Ordinance on Organic Farming SR 910.18 must be complied with in any case.

These requirements are listed in detail in the Import manual, the guide for the import of organic products to be marketed with the "Bud":

  • Import manual: version 06.01.2021 (German, French, Italian) Downloads
  • Bio Suisse import restrictions: Bio Suisse Standards - Part V, page 290 Downloads
  • Individual import permits: Application form for the import of products with the "Bud" logo requiring an individual import permit (in German) Downloads
  • List of the producer associations directly approved by Bio Suisse (Germany and Austria):Bio Suisse Standards - Part V, page 299 - 300 Downloads


Code of conduct for responsible trade practices for importing "Bud" products (in German only)

Requirements for operations outside of Switzerland

All foreign operations (from cultivation to export) supplying import products to the "Bud" channel must hold a valid Bio Suisse Certificate issued by an accredited inspection body. More here...

Compliance with the Bio Suisse Standards: in GermanFrenchItalian

  • Note of information: Summary of the Bio Suisse Standards Downloads
  • Note of information: Declaration of conformity with the Bio Suisse Standards Downloads
  • Extract from the Bio Suisse Standards: Part V - Standards for imports Downloads

Detailed documentation of the operation for certification according to Bio Suisse Standards: On the ICB AG Website